Reliable and affordable holiday cat sitter in Kingston, Surrey

When you are on holiday or away from home for work, it can sometimes be hard to know what to do about your cat. Here at Purrfectly Precious Pets, we provide the perfect cat sitting solution. Working for clients in Kingston, Norbiton, Teddington, or the surrounding parts of London, our cat sitting company provides a whole range of services, tailor-made to your needs.

Founded by Sandy Briault, Purrfectly Precious Pets offers a fresh approach to looking after your pet. Rather than the hassle and cost of using a cattery, Sandy can come to your home and offer your cat everything they may need. In addition to this, she can look after small pets and provide other services, so your property is safe and secure whilst you are away.

Sandy is passionate about cats and knows they deserve only the highest level of care. She knows that each one will have their own unique personality and likes and dislikes and she will always organise a free consultation, to ensure your beloved pet has everything you need when you are away and is able to enjoy their regular routine. This means you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Sandy is fully insured and DBS-checked.

If you would like to know more about our cat nanny or animal sitting service, please call Sandy now on 07805 950 299.

Why opt for cat sitters near Norbiton?

Cats are always happiest and most comfortable in their own home. Our cost-alternative alternative to a cattery allows your cat to stay at home in their own environment, so your pet is always happy and relaxed on your return. If you are looking for cat minders in Norbiton, Kingston, or Richmond upon Thames, then you can call on Purrfectly Precious Pets.

Sandy offers a fully flexible pet sitting designed around the needs of you and your pet. If you have more than one cat or small animals like hamsters, birds, guinea pigs, or rabbits, this gives you a more suitable option and allows regular routines to be followed. It also means your house is secure and Sandy offers a range of optional extras, like putting out the bins, turning lights on and off, and watering the plants.

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KT1 local cat sitters: What does our cat sitting company offer

If you are based in Kingston and wondering about the best way to care for your pet, Sandy can help. She offers a range of cat care and pet care services.

  • Daily home visiting service: This service is ideal if you wish you’re your cat to stay in their own home. Sandy can attend to your pet, once or twice a day to give your cat fresh food and water, clean or scoop their litter tray if required, and give your cat plenty of love and attention. She is also happy to give your pet any medication they might need.
  • Overnight cat stays: Ideal for business trips and weekends away, our overnight cat service provides company for your cat and extra security for your home. It includes all the services provided by our daily visits. This can give you complete peace of mind that your pet is happy during your stay away.
  • Optional extras: Sandy can help keep your home secure and help with other jobs like turning lights on or off, drawing and undrawing curtains, bringing in the mail, watering indoor plants, and putting out bins.
  • Garden watering: During the summer, Sandy is happy to water plants, gardens, and hanging baskets.
  • Small caged animal visits: If you have small animals, Sandy is happy to care for them, including offering food, fresh water, and cuddles, as well as cleaning out cages.
  • Pet taxi: Sandy can transport your pet to the vet and bring them home and settle them for you.

Daily Visits - 20-30 mins

from £14per visit*
  • Feeding & freshwater
  • Bowls & feeding area cleaned daily
  • Cleaning of litter tray
  • Pampering & playtime
  • Medication given (no injections)
  • Texts/photo updates

Optional Services

from £26per 2 visits daily*
  • Turning lights on/off
  • Draw/undraw curtains
  • Bring in mail to a safe place
  • Watering indoor plants
  • Putting out bins

Overnight Visits

£35per night
  • 7pm – 7am or 8pm – 8am
  • Suitable for weekends away
  • Suitable for business trips
  • Provides extra security for your home
  • Provides company for your cat
  • Inludes all services provided in our daily visit

Kingston cat minders you can trust

  • Sandy will provide your pet with everything they may need, including feeding, grooming, cleaning, and administering medication. She will also offer you pet lots of attention.
  • She will consider the personality, needs, and routine of your animal to provide him or her with a care plan that is tailored to them.
  • If you wish, Sandy can update you on your pet with texts and pictures, so you can see how your cat is getting on at home.
  • Sandy keeps her prices low with daily visits, starting from £10 per visit of up to half an hour.
Pet carer at your home in Kingston

Look after my cat in Kingston? Call us for details on a cat sitting service and cat feeding service

Keen to know more about our animal house sitting service in Kingston? Sandy would love to discuss your requirements. She can be reached on 07805 950 299.

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